history of forestry 1981-2000




July, BN Timberlands merges with Plum Creek Inc and is known as Plum Creek Timber.



March, Champion International Corporation merges with St. Regis Paper Company, adding 250,000 to the Rocky Mountain Operations.


First female Forest supervisor, Geri B. Larson, Tahoe National Forest.


Plum Creek Timber Company LP, sells about 200,000 acres to Big Sky Lumber Company near Bozeman.



Plum Creek Timber Company purchases almost all of the lands from Champion International Corporation, about 850,000. Total acreage in Montana is 1,450,000.



Plum Creek Timber sells its St. Maries Idaho lands to Crown Pacific.



July 17, Plum Creek Timber announces they plan to purchase Georgia-Pacific’s Timberlands, for a total of 7,900,000 acres nation wide.


Forest Service today:


28,100 employees, down from 35,400 in 1992


187,419,227 acres of National Forest


3,841,781 acres of National Grass lands


133,000 miles of National Forest Trails.


383,000 miles of roads, from dirt one lane to interstate highways.


7700 miles of Scenic Byways in 38 states